Levellers cancellen Bevrijdingsfestival

woensdag 18 april 2012

Het concert dat de Britse band Levellers zou geven op het Amsterdams Bevrijdingsfestival gaat helaas niet door. De band moet afzeggen vanwege een ernstige blessure aan de hand van de violist. De organisatie van het Amsterdams Bevrijdingsfestival maakt zo snel mogelijk bekend wie Levellers zal vervangen.


Levellers heeft een verklaring voor zijn fans opgesteld:

“It is with great sadness that we must announce that Levellers are not able to play their forthcoming dates in Europe (25 April – 5 May) and at the Bearded Theory and Lakefest festivals in the UK in May.


Fiddle player Jon Sevink from the band had surgery on a detached tendon in his finger over the weekend which was a success but has left him unable to play for a minimum of 6 weeks whilst he recuperates.


Jon and the rest of the band send their sincere apologies to all their fans for any disappointment and inconvenience caused. They will be back in June to launch their new album and fulfil the rest of their summer commitments. European dates will be rescheduled where possible later in the year.”

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