18 januari 2024

Nieuwe single THAMES

Afgelopen week bracht THAMES hun nieuwe single Mr. Postman uit. Het is de vierde single die de band, die afgelopen najaar in de finale van de Amsterdamse Popprijs stond, uitbrengt in aanloop naar hun, succesvolle, show op Noorderslag.

“Mr Postman is a song about prejudice. About how we’re all capable to judge people on account of their appearance. All the while these notions might be terribly misjudged. In this instance there is Postman Mike. He looks a bit dodgy and steals clothes and underwear from all over the neighborhood. The people’s first reaction is anger, but by following him, meaning to confront him with his actions Mike stops to dump the stolen clothes at Salvation Army. This song is a reminder and invitation to reflect before judging somebody.”

Check de single hier!